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 The way I roll

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PostSubject: The way I roll   Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:58 pm

Is my strategy good? I'm kind of a noob.

Usually, what I do, I like to first take control of as many AP sources as possible. Then, once I get enough mechs mining, I create LOTS of tanks. Most likely, the enemy will send an attack of mechs early, the tanks will take care of them. Once I get enough tanks, I set up a roadblock where the enemy attacked. I then create many Class 3 sips and position some of them them randomly around the map. Other ships are positioned in the road block, and the rest are put in the attacking squad, which then attacks and destroys the mothership.

Sometimes, the enemy attacks too early, though, so if that happens, I'm doomed. Is there any way I can repel this kind of attack?
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The way I roll
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